All delivery terms mentioned are on a best effort basis and we will aim to keep to them as much as possible and we accept no liability for delays. International delivery (if applicable) times mentioned are indicative only.

For international deliveries, you will be responsible for any import and customs charges levied.

Items delivered internationally may be subjected to cross border and customs inspections.

You choose to pay by credit card, please note that all purchases are subject to authorization and validation checks by your Bank/card issuer. If your issuer refuses authorization of payment, we are not responsible for delays or non-delivery of your item.

Please ensure that you keep your credit card information secure and follow the steps provided on our gateway scrupulously. JBoutique will not be responsible for any misuse of credit card information if appropriate safety precautions on and off the gateway are not taken.

Please note that JBoutique DOES NOT store your credit card information nor do we have access to it.